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Know The Science, Know The Client

We all know what happens when we put sugar in a vehicle’s gas tank. Is the human body much different?

Well, for one thing, it won’t make us immobile. But it isn’t the optimum fuel for the average person. Fueling a Ford Focus with super octane fuel is a waste, as is a high-carbohydrate diet for a sedentary person.

For athletes, however, it’s a whole different ballgame. Their metabolism and biochemistries function differently due to the intense sports training and on-the-field competition. Certain physiological pathways are activated whereas they’re dormant in others.

Sports nutrition is both a science and an art. A competent personal trainer will be up to date on the latest advances in research science, but also intuitive enough to understand the needs of the individual and develop the proper customized sports enhancement nutritional system. Different approaches are required for different athletes – endurance athletes and intense anaerobic activity require vastly different approaches. Many athletes fall in between the two – wanting the best of both worlds –  which can be a challenging endeavor best left for elite trainers.

We invite you to visit our location in Downers Grove and see for yourself how we’re helping athletes run faster,  jump higher, and become stronger and more agile.


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