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Your Questions Answered

Athlete Training

Do we offer a FREE training session?

YES-  This allows you to see firsthand the power of our training program.


Do you offer individual and group training?

YES- both


What are your prices for individual training?  

Please refer to our Athlete Training page.


Do you offer a discount if i sign up 2 athletes for individual training?

YES – we will discount 1 level up to the 3 month program


Do we offer group/team training at our facility?

YES- minimum of 8 athletes with a maximum of 20


What are group training prices?

6 -10 athletes minimum 8 sessions: $18 – $20 per athlete per session

10 -18 athletes minimum 8 sessions: $14 – $16 per athlete per session


How do I pay?

Cash, check, or charge.

After your FREE training demo.

You’ll decide on a training package (click here for options)

Pay in full or you can pay monthly.  

There is no price difference.


How do I schedule?

Once we receive confirmation of your package.  We will email you instructions to access our online scheduling system.

This way you can setup your schedule.

Our system is a first come first serve basis.  So I advise once you know your schedule get your sessions setup.


Is there an evaluation?

At your demo workout our trainers put each athlete through movements to evaluate their level. Based on their demo workout we will continue to track metrics based on each athlete and monitor progress. 


Do you train athletes from all sports?

Yes- All sports – All positions 


What do you test?

Vertical jump, upper and low extremity strength, balance, core strength, flexibility, quickness, agility


Does each CORE1 athlete receive nutrition guidance?



Is the training one-on-one? 

Training sessions are individualized in a small group setting.  Meaning your training program  100% customized to your individual sport specific needs.

We allow up to 6 athletes per hour per trainer.  


How many trainers are there?

There are 1 – 2 trainers conducting workouts.


Will it be the same trainer each time?

You may or may not have the same trainer each time.  For the most part our trainers have set days and times so you will know who is training when you schedule.


Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes – Each participating athlete must have a waiver filled out and signed by his or her legal guardian.


What should the athlete wear and or bring?

Training shoes, shorts, t-shirt and water bottle.


Is there water available?

Yes- however each athlete must bring their own water bottle


If I use an inhaler should I bring it to training?



Can you compliment my training program to what I am doing with the team at school?

Yes- we will just need specific details as to what you are doing at school.


Do you guarantee Results?

Of course –  However we require something from the Athlete.  


Because getting results is not EASY.  It requires hard work and dedication.  If the athlete doesn’t contribute those 2 things then they will not get Results.


Would it be okay if we told everyone we know about CORE1?

Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?  YES

Most if not all of our current athletes are referrals from other athletes.


How long are the training sessions?

1 hour 


Do you focus on flexibility in your program?

Yes- dynamic warm-up and stretching will be performed at each training session


How do you compare to other sports training facilities?

All I can say is that we take what we do very “serious.”  Our job is simple.  We make athletes “stronger, quicker, and faster.”  We have done a pretty darn good job of it.


What are your hours?

Monday thru Friday 3:30pm – 8pm

Sat 9am-noon


Do you hours change during the summer?



Do you work with boys and girls?



How young do you have to be to train?

We train as young as 10 years old – however we do perform a demo workout on all athletes to see if he or she are the right fit for our program


What doe CORE1 stand for or mean?

Competitive edge

Optimizing performance

Realizing potential

Enhancing abilities

1 mission- To be the best


You have BEAST MODE printed on the back of your t-shirts.  What does that mean?

Train with us and you will find out


I see that you offer individual and group training.  Do you offer off-site training?



I’d like have your training be conducted at our practice facility or field. Can you do that?

YES – we will travel to your location


Is the pricing different for off-site training?

YES- price is based on # of athletes, training sessions and location

You can expect cost per athlete to be between $10-$18 per athlete per session.


Do you offer a FREE training session for offsite?


Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

It is a service to help people recover from physical injuries, accidents, and surgeries. 

Do you accept health insurance?

YES - we accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, United Healthcare, and out of network coverage for other policies.

If I don't have insurance is there a self-pay rate?

YES - it is a flat cost of $125 each session. With that we include a sports training session that same day/week. 

How do I schedule my evaluation?

Please refer to our Physical Therapy page and fill out the form. Once we receive your information we will reach out within 24 hours to schedule your appointment. 

You could also call/text our number 6309738626 to get started

What makes our program different?

We cater to athletes and active adults and have the expertise and equipment to get you back to the game FAST!

We also provide athlete training included in our program while you are in Physical Therapy so you continue to make progress even while you're injured!

What should I expect in each session?

You should expect that we are going to give you everything you need to restore your movement, function, and strength. In return we expect you to give full effort to the program to get the best RESULTS!

You have expectations of me?

YES - accountability is paramount to your success, we are here to help you through the program and reach your goals but we need you to be an active participant and self advocate to reach your full rehab potential.

Can I still work out even when I'm injured?

YES ABSOLUTELY! This is what sets us apart from regular clinics. We will have you working with our trainers to keep your cardiovascular endurance and strengthen everything else that is not injured. We rehab your injury and strengthen the rest of the body, once you are cleared to get back you can hit the ground running!

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