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Athletes Only Physical Therapy

Welcome to Core 1 Physical Therapy where we cater to athletes and active adults. Our system is developed to get you back to the game FAST!


We focus on rehabilitating your injury while maintaining/improving all other areas of the body. We have been using this system for the past decade in the Downers Grove area and it has been our athletes' key to getting back to their activities quickly and safely. We work together with our Sports Performance coaches to develop training programs for our injured athletes which allows them to continue training even when they're injured. Fill out the form below to get started!

Physical Therapy 

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Core 1 Physical Therapy 

Training with injury


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We rehabilitate your injury and actively train everything else. This way you can get back STRONGER than before your injury. 

To an injured athlete ready
to get back in the game,


My name is Jim Wnek, founder of Core 1 Inc. We specialize in physical therapy here…

But it’s physical therapy with a “twist”

What’s the “twist”? When you show up, you’ll notice something. There are lots of athletes here. In fact, there are ONLY athletes here. No one else. That’s because our program is designed for one purpose:

To help athletes like you recover faster, and walk away better than when you first showed up.

Nothing more, nothing less. And here’s exactly how we’re going to help you get there, with our 3-Phase program…

Phase 1: Rehabilitate the injured part, and work out all the rest.

When you come for your FREE consult, the first thing we’ll do is isolate the injured part of your body. We’ll learn all about what sport you play… the position you play… and how you got injured. With this information – we can construct a custom plan to help you recover. And then comes the fun part…

After we have your roadmap to recovery planned out… we’ll plan out how to work out the rest of your body while you heal

The way we see it… Just because one part of your body is injured, doesn’t mean the rest of your body has to sit around and wait for it to get better. We’ll construct custom workouts that don’t interfere with your healing. These workouts will keep the rest of your body strong, fast, and limber. 

That way as soon as you recover, you’ll be in tip-top shape to jump right back in the game.

Usually when an athlete gets an injury, there’s a “recovery” period after their injury is healed. They need time to get back into playing shape. This can take 6 weeks or longer, depending on the injury! (Who has time like that to waste?!) With us, that recovery period is either dramatically reduced – or eliminated altogether. Walk out our door, and right back into your sport.

Phase 2: Injury Prevention.

It doesn’t stop with recovery and training… we’ll also train you in a way to prevents future injuries too. How? First, depending on what sport you play, and what position – we’ll figure out which parts of your body are used the most. And we’ll know which parts are most likely to get injured. Then, when we construct your roadmap to recovery, and your training plan…

We’ll customize it with exercises that strengthen those parts of your body the most

That way when you get back in the game – your chances for future injury will go down significantly.  In fact, many of the doctors in our area refer exclusively to us because they’re so impressed with this aspect of our physical therapy program.

Phase 3: More training to help you reach levels you once only dreamed of.

Once you’re fully recovered, we’re not done with you yet!

All of our physical therapy athletes get FREE training after they’ve recovered.

You can learn more about our training here.

But just to give you the highlights…

Athletes and coaches all over the nation are shocked by the results we help you achieve. Just like the therapy, these workouts are customized to your sport, and even the position you play. More injury prevention is worked into this training too.

The end result: You, as an unstoppable force of nature.

Important: Because our program is so intensive, we can only take on so many athletes on at a time. Please call now or click above to insure that you get a spot. We’d hate to see you miss out.

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