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Strength Is A Full Body Function

At Core1Inc., our strength training programs cover a number of concepts and activities, so that along with functional exercises, you will also be able to build body awareness, and understand how the different muscles really interact in order to give you greater power. This can be applicable whether you are trying to bulk up or just build lean strength, since the exercises and theories all help you gain a better sense of how your body works, and why.

The Appearance Dilemma

One of the things that we encounter a lot at Core1Inc. is that a number of youth athletes have it in their heads that being strong looks a certain way. This is not actually true, since different body types can also be indicative of different conditioning. One great example of this is the famous Bruce Lee. He was around 5’7” and only weighed 135 lbs., but he is still considered one of the most powerful fighters. This is because he understood how the body worked, and along with training all the time, he also trained correctly.

This example can help a lot of young athletes recognize that hours of repetitious weight lifting may not be the best way to actually build strength. In many cases, bodyweight exercises are far more beneficial, since they are functional and they also look at integrated actions in the body for strength training. Taking a new approach to gain more power can be eye opening, but it can also be the right step to take when working past barriers.

Getting The Whole Body Involved

If you have been struggling through strength training and feeling as though you are not getting anywhere, then we encourage you to contact. We can get you started by learning about your goals, your regular practice habits, and your challenges, in order to get you on your way to a better program with more powerful benefits.


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