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Faster, Stronger, Better

Every young athlete is always working to improve skills in order to compete better. Although one of the benefits to training hard through your teens and early twenties is the fact that your body is still growing, and this can make it easier to push harder and recover more, you can still hit plateaus.

This is a natural function of your muscle groups getting familiar with practice activities and getting into a rut in term of improvement. Moving beyond these challenges can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task, but with the right sports enhancement training, it doesn’t have to be.

At Core1Inc., one of the major programs that we run for youth athletes is speed training in Downers Grove.

This type of training is designed to use muscle confusion and different activities in order to shake the body up and get your muscles to learn new tricks.

Moving Past The Familiar

One way to understand how this works to enhance your performance is to think about some of your everyday routines.

How many times have you eaten your breakfast, left for school, and gone through your morning classes without even having to think about what you are doing? This is because you’ve become so conditioned to your usual patterns that you just do the action automatically. Your body functions in the same way, and when you have hit a plateau, it is the same as moving through a daily routine without thinking.

With sports enhancement activities like speed training, you start to shake things up, and force your body and mind to approach athletics in a different way. The result is that you can overcome your obstacles, and gain speed that will better your competitive edge.

For speed training in Downers Grove, Core1Inc. should be your go-to destination.

We can get you started on a program that meets your needs, and help you move beyond the familiar to make it to the next level.


And if you haven’t already, grab a free session by filling out the form in the link below. You can test-drive our Downers Grove speed, strength & sports training program that coaches & athletes can’t stop raving about. Or, if you’re recovering from an injury, you can try out our athletes-only physical therapy program. Hope to see you soon!


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