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What Should You Focus Your Training On?

With that in mind, it’s important that you make certain you get the most from your training. This involves a lot of different things, and there are numerous types of training programs out there. At Core 1 Inc., we offer training for any type of athlete and for any specific situation. First, figuring out where to focus your training is absolutely vital for getting the best results.

Your trainer will help, obviously. They can identify areas that you need to improve in, help develop programs that lead to better results, monitor your progress, and make sure you’re completing your training properly. But going beyond what a trainer offers, where should you spend your time and energy when you’re training?

The answer is – everywhere. That’s because even though it may seem like an aspect of sports training doesn’t apply to your sport, the reality is that it will. For example, core training helps to improve overall flexibility, balance, strength, and performance while helping you reduce the chance of suffering injuries. Strength training also helps reduce injuries, but also improves your short-burst speed, your power, and more. Speed and agility training have a tremendous impact on every aspect of your performance from your overall speed, your ability to maneuver on the field or court quickly, and more. And endurance training makes sure that you don’t tire out before the first quarter is over.

But you can’t just spend a half hour on each aspect of training every day. Otherwise, you’d have little time for anything else and would likely be so tired and sore that you decided against working out ever again. Instead, you have to train smart.

Again, a trainer can help with that. They’ll offer you training programs that focus on different aspects of your health and provide gradual improvements to every facet of your performance. The key is to think about your week as a training ‘whole’ instead of trying to look at each individual workout as something that needs to tackle all the areas of fitness.

For instance, one workout day can include strength training combined with endurance. The next day’s workout could focus on speed and agility. By designing a program that alternates different aspects of your fitness, you’ll be able to start making improvements in your total game in a significant way.

Getting your training program planned out perfectly is important, and by focusing on all the different areas of performance you’ll start noticing some real results in your game. Contact us if you’re ready to take your training to the next level and really start making improvements.

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