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What Is Sports Enhancement Training (And How Can It Help You)?

The biggest difference between the two approaches is that athletic training is generally focused on a specific sport. While this type of activity can improve fitness levels as a whole, it tends to be more specific to drills that will build the skills and knowledge for a better performance in that arena. This means that athletic training will go in depth into the physical and mental learning that is necessary to compete at:

• Football

• Soccer

• Gymnastics

• Baseball

• Basketball

• Any other specific sport

While some of the physical abilities that are practiced and taught can cross over into other disciplines, athletic training is about getting in shape for one specific sport and honing those skills for a better game.

, on the other hand, is about fine tuning those physical abilities as they apply to any type of sport or competition. Drills that help you run faster can be ideal for soccer, track and field, or football. Sports enhancement is essentially working with what you have already built up, and teaching you how to use those talents more effectively. In this way, it can be beneficial to any athlete, especially those students who play multiple sports.

Enhancement training also looks at other factors that can impact performance. These can include aspects such as:

• Speed

• Strength

• Flexibility

• Agility

• Attitude and motivation

In many respects, sports enhancement training considers the whole package for an athlete, while athletic training can be more about the specific skills that are needed for a game.

Benefits For Young Athletes

Young athletes will sometimes find that they have hit a plateau in their ability to perform. This is usually because the body is not being challenged enough because when athletic routines have become too familiar. It can also be because specific aspects of skill and potential don’t have the right motivation for expression. Sports enhancement training helps to coax these along, and also pushed student athletes to break through barriers and unleash their full power.

If you are interested in learning more about sports enhancement training and how it can help you, no matter what sport you compete in, then we encourage you to contact Core 1 Inc. and ask about the different programs we offer. You will find that you are not only able to get into better shape overall, but are also able to unlock all of the talent that lies within you.


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