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Getting The Jump On Your Competition

Sports enhancement training is one of the best ways for young athletes to learn cross discipline skills that can aid in performance levels for any sport. This can be especially true when it comes to jump training, since it is often an underdeveloped skill in most areas, except for basketball. However, gaining a better vertical jump can still improve competitive performance for many games, from gymnastics and track to soccer and football.

This is also because the muscles that need to be developed for jumping are the same muscles that can increase speed and agility. A good vertical jump allows players to avoid hits and stick landings, and it can also improve balance. Part of the technique for working on this skill can involve helping athletes become very aware of how the separate muscles interact with one another. As a result, students gain a better understanding of body mechanics, which allows them to be more effective during competition.

Making The Leap To Success


we can help you work on vertical jump for specific sports, with individualized programs that consider your strengths and the points that you need to work on. We can also assist with general training to produce height and power, that may come in handy when leaping over hurdles or avoiding a tackle. The result is still that you will be working on a skill that is integral to your full fitness ability, and can also help you become more agile and more aware of how your body works.

Young athletes are encouraged to contact us, and find out more about what our programs can do for their abilities. In many cases, improving just one skill can also have an impact on other talents that are necessary to win games, and make that leap to achieving success.


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