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What Motivates You?

Here in Downers Grove, Illinois, we don’t have a problem with motivation. In fact, the athletes that walk through that door are ready to commit because they are motivated. We don’t even like to motivate people, so we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am writing this blog in order to educate those people who find it difficult to workout. Perhaps you can learn to motivate yourself in order to better your life through physical fitness. If you do find that motivation, we hope you come to us.

Optimal motivation is intrinsic. That means you are working out to better yourself because you want to get better. It is that simple. You find there is some sort of internal reward that makes you feel good to achieve, work hard and learn lifelong lessons about yourself. Those are the kind of athletes I work with every day.

Extrinsic motivation rarely works. It is the kind of motivation where you get an external reward for working hard.

We find that people who learn the benefit of working hard will develop intrinsic motivation. That is why we encourage everybody to try it; give it everything you got for just a few weeks. You’ll see and feel the benefits, which will develop a lifelong commitment to fitness inside of you, intrinsically.

To your best season yet

Jim and the CORE1 crew

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