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The Benefits of Strength to Enhance Your Sports Performance

There are a few key components of a complete athlete.

They include speed, agility, strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and confidence.

Each sport requires athletes to perform a multitude of tasks, skills and activities.

Sports enhancement training is one way to target all of these components to improve your sports performance.

The Role of Strength in Your Sports Performance

Many people steer clear of strength training because they believe it will:

Slow them down Reduce flexibility Impede agility Increase bulk

However, strength training has the opposite effect when it is performed correctly and with your specific sport in mind. Strength training can:

– Increase your speed – Improve your agility and flexibility – Reduce risk of injury – Improve confidence on the court or field – Improve balance – Improve explosive power – Improve endurance

Strength, agility, balance and power are all uniquely related.

For example, through strength training you can increase your jumping power, your ability to explode from a standing position, and help you improve your mechanics and sustain your energy level.

All Sports Can Benefit from Strength Training

Regardless of the sport you play or the level you compete at, strength training and specific sports enhancement training can help you take your skills to the next level.

From a swimmer who wants to improve their push off to an offensive lineman who wants to get off the line faster, everyone can benefit.

Strength training as part of a sports enhancement training program will focus on your specific sport, mechanics, needs and goals.

Strength training often focuses on muscle strength, but as you build your strength your bone density increases too.

Your range of motion improves as do your supporting tissues.

The result is a stronger body that is more protected from injury.

Additionally, when core strength is enhanced your mechanics and endurance often improves as well.

Sports Enhancement Training In Downers Grove

A Sports Enhancement Training Program includes aerobic and anaerobic activities, strength training, agility, speed and flexibility training.

Each program is tailored specifically to you, and integrates exercises to focus on specific movements and skills geared to your particular sport and the position you play.

Your mechanics, strength, speed and flexibility will all improve with a sports enhancement training program.

If you’re interested in improving your skills and abilities and taking your sport to the next level, consider strength training as part of a comprehensive sports enhancement training program.

To Your Best Season Yet

Jim and The CORE1 Crew


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