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The Power To Move You

Core1Inc. has been giving young athletes the chance to experience great strength training in Downers Grove in a way that can apply to a number of sporting activities. Our programs will focus on working through your trouble areas, but also on building functional abilities that can increase your strength. This means that instead of only having excellent power in some parts of your body, you can have amazing abilities overall.

One of the keys to an effective strength training program is to consider how the body is designed to move. This means looking to build all the muscles, since synergy of action translates into greater power that can be expressed. So, if you are trying to improve the strength in your throwing arm, you will also want to work your back, core, and even your legs. Often, athletic training will only focus on the one muscle group that is being used, but a deficit in any of the supporting areas can impede building strength.

At Core1Inc. we also help young athletes understand why this type of strength training can be so beneficial. By working with you to understand body mechanics and really feel muscle interactions, we can also help you build the mental strength that you need to be a great competitor. By contacting us today, you can get started on a program that will change your body, your abilities, and your life.


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