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Stand Up Straight

For generations mothers have always admonished their children to stand up straight and stop slouching but for an elite athlete, the incentive to keep a proper posture can have more to do with optimal sports performance on the field.

The more aligned an athlete’s spine is in relation to the rest of their body the more erect they will be able to stand. A strong core helps to develop a strong lower back and spine. So, core strengthening exercises work to not only strengthen the core but to help an athlete run properly. Correct posture also adds a degree of confidence to their appearance.

Proper posture will also help an athlete to avoid a sports injury. A perfectly aligned spine will keep the extremities accurately positioned during extreme sports. It helps with balance and improves the efficiency of the arm and leg muscles by not putting unnecessary strain on supporting muscles.

Keeping their core muscles well strengthened as well as listening to their moms and standing up straight can help to improve an athlete’s game.


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