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The Power Behind Your Performance

Core strength is vital to any athletic ability.

One of the problems that many young athletes will run into is that many core exercises that are used in regular workouts and practices are actually only focused on muscles in the front of the body, and also don’t reach some of the deeper muscles that are integral to stability and overall power.

Another issue that we see at Core1Inc. is the fact that a number of traditional exercises for ab strength are not really isolating the muscles that you’re trying to work.

It can be very easy to compensate with the legs when doing regular sit-ups and crunches, and this can make it an uphill battle in really working on your core.

The Reason It’s Called Core Strength

Of course, part of why it can be common to compensate when doing core work is because this central area of the torso is also the connecting point for the other muscles of the body.

Core strengthening refers to working the entire band of muscles around the front, back, and sides of the torso, but it also means working them on all levels.

Better isolation can be a key to gaining power, instead of just working hard but not really seeing the effects.

Core training is also responsible for improving balance. Even if you are not a gymnast or tumbler, better balance will still improve your game in other areas.

Building your core can mean:

• You are more stable when blocking

• You are less likely to lose footing when running cross country

• You are better at clearing hurdles

• You get a better push off in the pool

• You are able to switch direction more quickly when faking a pass

This also means that core training is about more than just getting great looking abs.

Since strength in this area can affect mobility, power, and flexibility for the rest of the body, enhancing your core strength will lead to an overall better performance.

If you would like to find out about how core training can improve your athletic ability, then contact us today. Core1Inc. has a number of programs that can also be customized to meet your personal needs, so that you can gain the power you need for the performance you want.


And if you haven’t already, grab a free session by filling out the form in the link below. You can test-drive our Downers Grove speed, strength & sports training program that coaches & athletes can’t stop raving about. Or, if you’re recovering from an injury, you can try out our athletes-only physical therapy program. Hope to see you soon!


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