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Pushing Your Limits Without Breaking

Young athletes can often run into challenges as they better their fitness levels and their sports performance. Part of this can come from school coaching tactics that are focused on building ability in very specific areas, but part of this can also come from physical changes that are occurring within the body. In truth, developing good physical and mental strength at a younger age does create a foundation for wellness throughout life, but it is also important to understand body mechanics, physiological changes, and balance.

How Far Is Too Far?

Although many sports drills are designed to work on specific skills, Core1Inc., understands that full body conditioning can really make the difference in overall performance. This includes aspects of strength training and speed, since full conditioning is necessary to push through plateaus.

With regular drills, there is generally a focus on progressing in one direction only, whether it is sprinting faster, lifting more, or running further. The issue that arises with this type of training is that athletes will often compensate for muscles that are less developed with this type of workout. When fitness considers the whole body as a performance machine that is the sum of all its parts, then it is possible for young athletes to gain greater improvements in any activity.

Another consideration is that pushing in one direction only can also lead to injury. When this happens, it can be mentally frustrating, but also create a break in the fitness routine. This is why we also stress the importance of stretching. By keeping the muscles and joints limber, you can avoid injury while still being able to train harder. This is because flexible muscles are also strong muscles.

Getting With The Program

Regardless of your workouts through school or through your junior leagues, you can still benefit from the sports enhancement trainings that we have to offer. If you are interested in exploring what this type of conditioning can give you, then feel free to contact Core1Inc., and see what kind of program we can put together for you and your goals.


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