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Building, And Rebuilding, Muscles

In many sports, like gymnastics and soccer, it can be very important to build good strength while also avoiding putting on too much bulk. However, even in games like football, where the extra size can be a benefit, carrying too much weight in the form of muscle can impact overall performance.

At Core 1 Inc., we focus on strength training that increases ability without shortchanging any other necessary skills. This can often be a customized balance of exercises that will help to maintain the proper fitness for any competitive activity, and focuses on success that is the result of gaining strength without needing to gain size. Students who are looking to excel on any playing field can make use of individualized strength training programs, and will often find that this type of enhancement can also improve speed and vertical jump.

One of the tricks to strength without bulk can be burning out with lighter weights. This increases capacity with better oxygenation to the muscle, which keeps the fibers in the muscle from having to regenerate as intensely, since this rebuilding is what tends to cause bulk. This type of strength training is also ideal for raising endurance, since the body gets used to performing more efficiently overall.

Students who are interested in strength training in Downers Grove can contact Core 1 Inc. to find out about different programs we offer for this ability. By building strength effectively, they will also find that they are able to compete more effectively.


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