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Power, Total Body Training And The Meaning Of Complete Speed

When people talk about complete speed training, they are talking about realizing a wide variety of different physiological feats.

There is more than one type of speed, and there is more than one type of strength behind each feat of speed that you might want to execute.

In the past, speed training has been mostly about aerobic exercise.

While aerobic exercise is key to speed training, it is definitely not the only aspect of speed training.

If you focus exclusively on this kind of exercise, you are missing out on your top speed.

Not that long ago, trainers who focused on speed training were concerned about telling athletes that, in order to pick up their top speed, they had to pick up weights.

In some sports, it seemed as if this was a strange way to go about getting faster.

There is no reason to fear bulking up in speed training.

When your muscles become developed, they help you to support the maximum speed that you can achieve.

This offsets any loss in speed that you end up with from additional bulk.

Revelations like this and others is why we now refer to “complete speed training.”

To Improve Your Complete Speed Training – Read On

There are many athletes in Chicago who, no matter how excellent they are right now, would be able to raise their speed by ten percent or more if they were able to engage in a coordinated and systematic program of complete speed training.

Complete speed training does consist partially of aerobic training. This is part of the basis of any form of speed that you can name or imagine.

However, it also consists of a wide variety of other training forms and formats that many people neglect when they are thinking about total speed.

Lateral movement speed is very important in any form of speed training, and getting your best lateral speed requires you to train in completely different ways that call on you to bob and weave effectively.

Endurance is also critical, since you can only maintain your physiological maximum top speed for a very short time.

This often requires a variety of free weight, heavy weight and bodyweight exercises.

In many sports, speed training should also include a component that has to do with jump training.

Here in Chicago, athletes are always looking for ways to get faster.

Let Core 1 Inc be your secret weapon when it is time to train.

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To your FAST-est season yet

Jim and The CORE1 Crew


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