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Fast And Flexible Can Win Any Game

One of the things that we work on educating with our athletes is that increasing speed can also be a directional improvement. This includes such aspects as:

• Better reaction times

• Quicker recovery

• The ability to reverse movement safely

• A better understanding of how all the muscles work together for better performance

These factors will also improve balance, and can help to strengthen lesser used muscles, which helps to prevent injury. In short, we strive to use our sports enhancement training to produce well rounded athletes, who are capable not just in their game of choice, but in any activity they undertake.

Changing Directions

One of the most common reasons for injury in young athletes is not actually on the field. When youths engage in pick-up games for fun, they may be playing a sport that is outside of their comfort zone. While this cross-over can lead to better training, many of the injuries that occur are because the athletes are trying to move in directions that they are not used to. Since they have not trained their bodies to accommodate this type of motion, they are more likely to compensate, and thus get hurt.

Speed and agility training teaches young athletes to safely discover new ways of moving with sharpness and focus. The drills look to safe movements and bursts of power, with attention to how the body responds to these changes. Regular sports training is still a part of the regimen, but speed and agility drills can round out the workout so that all the muscles become engaged.

Regardless of the sport you play, for competition or for fun, speed and agility training can improve your performance, and also keep you safe. If you are interested in pushing your limits and exploring this type of conditioning, then contact Core1Inc. for speed and agility training in Downers Grove.


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