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Off-Season Training Secrets

Does your coach cringe when he sees you after the off-season? 😉

Never fear. We’ve got you covered with off-season training secrets that will either:

– Maintain your on-season fitness levels, if you do the bare minimum.

– Take your fitness to the next level, if you really go all out.

The hardest part…

The most difficult thing about off-season training is motivation. Coach isn’t yelling over your shoulder. Your teammates aren’t there urging you to keep going and try your hardest.

It’s just you, you, and some more you 😉

Now, motivation might come naturally for you. If so, rock on. Keep it up. Don’t let it slip.

But for a lot of us – it’s about as natural as walking on your hands (okay, all you gymnasts out there – that one wasn’t for you!).

So Off-Season Training Secret #1 is: How to Stay Motivated


a) Get your parents and friends involved. Tell them your workout schedule. Try to get them to workout with you, even if they’re doing their own workout. Just having someone to go with can make all the difference in getting yourself to “Just do it”.

b) Make a ritual. Write your goals down, and keep them by your bed. Every night, before you fall asleep, read them over. Every day, when you wake up, read them over. Keep reminding yourself about WHY you need to stay fit.

c) “Lie” to yourself. Tell yourself that you’re just going to do a “short, light workout”. You’d be amazed about how much pressure that takes off. Then, when you show up at the gym, the track, or wherever you workout – you’ll find your inspiration as you go. Before you know it, you’ll be in the middle of a powerful workout.

Off-Season Training Secret #2: All Day, Every Day, is a Workout


Most people look at workouts as this thing you do for just one part of your day.

But during the season, when you think about it, it ends up being a lot more. Practice goes on for hours. It’s probably at least 5 days a week, with competitions and tournaments on weekends. It’s more than just a 60-minute thing here and there throughout the week.

So make your off-season days into workouts.

– If you’re going somewhere – ride your bike, walk, or run.

– Every hour, do a “mini workout”. It can be 20 pushups, squats and sit-ups. Make it something that works your whole body and gets you moving every hour.

– Take stairs wherever you are instead of elevators.

– Take the “long way” to get places when you walk, run, or bike.

That way, even if you don’t get in a good, solid, 60-minute workout… You still kept your body moving and improving all day long.

Off-Season Training Secret #3: Watch What You Eat


Chances are, even if you work out a lot, you’re going to laze around a LOT more in the off-season.

Off-set this decrease in activity by eating right.

– Avoid sugar, processed foods, fried foods.

– Eat as many greens as you can, lots of fruits and veggies, and lots of protein.

– Avoid white bread and white flour. Instead, eat whole grains and brown rice.

If your family and friends have lots of barbeques, and you don’t know how to control yourself when it comes to having all that delicious food in front of you (I feel ya, believe me) – check out this blog post for tips:

Off-Season Training Secret #4: Drill


By now, you probably know every drill imaginable for your sport. Practice them. Relentlessly.

Keep your mind and body used to your sport. Keep the muscles you need for your sport activated.

Get better and faster at every drill. Make it your goal to come back and make the rest of your team look bad by how amazing your new abilities are 😉

Off-Season Training Secret #5: Get an off-season “coach”

For a “one stop shop” of motivation, exercise, injury prevention, and growing your abilities like crazy – you need experts to guide you.

Find someone who you trust – someone who inspires you.

Find someone with a track record of success. You don’t just need a good workout or to get in shape – you need to get in shape specifically for your position in your sport.

You can learn more about our Downers Grove Athlete Training Program by clicking here. You can grab a free trial to make sure we’re a good fit for you too 😉

But whoever you end up working with – whether it’s us or someone else – just make sure they meet the criteria above.

Off-Season Training Secret #6: Give yourself a break


Without the structure of games and practice – you’re going to slip up. Go easy on yourself. Enjoy your off-season. Enjoy not having your coach “crack the whip” over your head every day 😉

Then, look over your goals, re-connect to who you really want to be, and go at it with all that you’ve got.

Till next time, Jim Wnek & The Core1 Crew


And if you haven’t already, grab a free session by filling out the form below. You can test-drive our Downers Grove speed, strength & sports training program that coaches & athletes can’t stop raving about. Or, if you’re recovering from an injury, you can try out our athletes-only physical therapy program. Hope to see you soon 



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