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Nutrition And Your Fitness

There’s a reason that nearly every blog, website, and sports trainer out there always links nutrition to physical fitness – the two go hand in hand, and all the scientific studies ever done just keep proving it. At Core 1 Inc. we know that your workout is the backbone of improving your skills during any sport. But nutrition is something we can’t look past, either.

Here are a few things to remember when it comes to your fitness and your nutrition.

Energy is tied directly to your diet. Sugar, fats, and greasy foods will slow you down, drain your energy, and have a hugely negative impact on your abilities during workouts and on the field or the court.

Protein and good carbs are generally your friends. They’ll boost energy and promote muscle growth.

Don’t ignore your wants. However, just because sugar and fats are ‘bad’ for you, that doesn’t mean you should swear them off for eternity. Treating yourself to a candy bar or a burger here and there isn’t going to destroy your fitness level.

Supplements aren’t always the answer. Some gyms may try to force supplements down your throat. We believe that your own diet should have much more of a role in your health, fitness, and performance level than expensive and sometimes dangerous supplements.

Each person is different. This is one of the biggest issues out there today, and something that some trainers and even those offering physical therapy in Downers Grove sometimes overlook. One person’s diet plan may not work for another. You need to be sure that your plan works for you. The best way to do this is consider your situation and your weight, and even to talk to a trainer to learn more about your options.

In other words, diet can impact not just your weight, but things like your energy level, your muscle strength, and much more. You need to take the time to focus on boosting your fitness and your performance through your workout routines as well as your diet. Do this, and you’ll get some impressive results.

We’re ready to help you with your workout routine, your nutrition plan, and even provide you with sports physical therapy in Downers Grove. Whatever your current situation may be, don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.


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