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Athletes-Only Physical Therapy. Serious Rehab for Serious Athletes

The highways are lined with chiropractors, massage studios and acupuncturists. There is quite an economy based around the idea of preventing and treating pain. But as an athlete, you should demand sport-specific treatment because of its many benefits.

The truth of the matter is that most of those treatment offices out there are designed to help an aging population with every day pain. That massage parlor down the street helps people with fibromyalgia, nerve compression and diabetes. The chiropractor aids people in overcoming traffic accidents, falls or surgery. And the acupuncturist may or may not help anybody, depending on your belief in it. But the fact remains that athletes only physical therapy will get you on the field much more quickly. Here are a few reasons why:

Injury Prevention

One of the main tenants of sports physical therapy is a focus on injury prevention. Trained physical therapists can evaluate your body and ask questions about the sports that you play. Our expert knowledge of the demands of each game, coupled with our expert evaluations, lets us know how to treat you in order to prevent any more injuries. This focus on injury prevention allows your body to heal while minimizing the risk of any setbacks. It’ll also allow you to resume play earlier with limited discomfort anywhere on your body. You will reduce the chances of being sidelined while receiving treatment for your main injury.

Expert Assessments

Neuromusculoskeletal. It is a long word. And you don’t have to worry about that word too much. Let our expert physical therapists give you and your injury an in-depth assessment. We can assess any surgical or non-surgical neuromusculoskeletal injury. Then our expert knowledge of the body allows us to realistic set goals and get you back into competition in no time. In many cases, we will return you back to form stronger than ever.

A Symbiotic Relationship For Performance Enhancement

Sports physical therapists have all the fancy gear. Part of the assessment process is to test for muscular strengths and deficiencies, as well as cardiovascular endurance. This creates a pretty scientific profile that gives us a really good picture of your athletic strengths and weaknesses. Overlay that profile over the top of the demands of your sport, and we can develop an individual workout. This workout will address weaknesses while highlighting strengths. And the workout will be able to be performed while you are in the rehab process. This gives you a pretty good chance of returning to action stronger than ever, without any weaknesses. It is a pretty cool way to turn your injury into an opportunity.

Of course, you could go to a hospital or put yourself into the care of a massage therapist, chiropractor or alternative healer. But those professions generally get average, every day, working people back on their feet. And you don’t want to just be back on your feet so that you can walk around the house. You want to come back to competition better, faster and stronger than ever. You need a sports physical therapist for that; a sports physical therapist that will work with a trainer to address athletic weaknesses while you rehab. You need what Core1 offers out in Downers Grove, Illinois.


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