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Are You Really What You Eat?

For many young athletes, the importance of proper nutrition can make the difference between moving up to the next level of fitness, or staying stuck in a rut. This can often be a factor of peer influence, general lifestyle constraints, and even a lack of understanding as to the nutrients that growing athletes need. Adult nutritional programs are not always applicable to youths, but the problem is that many of these guidelines are still adopted by young sports stars.

Looking At Lifestyle

One of the biggest problems for young athletes when it comes to good eating habits is that a lifestyle of going to school, going to training, and hanging out with friends can provide many opportunities where food choices are less than optimal. This is also combined with the extra calories that are needed to maintain steady growth and compensate for the energy that is expended while working out. The result is that high calorie fast foods can fill part of the void, but these foods do this with empty nutrition that can hurt the body in the long run.

The two main factors that influence nutritional needs for young athletes are:

• The fact that youths are still in a growing phase, which requires specific nutrient ratios.

• The fact that training will place more stringent nutritional requirements on the body.

What this means is that every young athlete has a specific set of food needs that will influence overall development, and fitness levels.

At Core1Inc., we focus on this combination of life stage nutrition and work out expenditures in order to guide junior and high school athletes to the best food choices for their needs. Along with looking at the ratios that are required to build lean muscle and support proper growth, we also teach about the differences between clean foods and empty calories.

This gives young athletes an understanding of what will support their bodies, but also a better education as to how caloric and supplemental requirements should be met. As a result, junior and high school athletes can start to improve their sports performances, and also set a foundation for healthy living in years to come.

If you are concerned that your food choices may be holding you back on the playing field, then we encourage you to contact Core1Inc. and find out about the nutritional programs that can help you excel. Setting this standard early in life can help lead to years of wellness and energy.


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