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NFL Lockout Highlights the Importance of Ongoing, Structured Sports Training

As the stalemate over NFL labor negotiations continue, players are finding it increasingly difficult to get back into a structured work-out regimen.  And after an early spring full of inactivity, the inability to get back in shape can increase the risk of injury in the long-term.

Training camps, for example, are locked to players, which is especially problematic.  Normally players would have access to the full breadth of their team’s facilities, as well as trainers and therapists.  This is particularly important for athletes seeking to ramp up their speed and agility training regimens.

NFL player frustration underscores the importance of continued and structured sports training.   Fortunately for you, our doors – unlike those at the NFL training facilities – are wide open. 

Schedule a meeting with one of our training experts to help us a craft a sustainable and results-oriented program to help you excel through the summer and beyond.


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