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Learning To Run Faster

Yes, you can learn to run faster. It may be a matter of getting out there and just doing it, but there are also other steps you can take during your speed training that will allow you to be able to run faster.

Improving one’s endurance and ultimately shaving time off your race speed requires some pain. Yup, the old adage is true: no pain no gain. It is important to experience the unpleasantness of pushing yourself past what you think is your limit. Becoming out of breath and allowing your muscles to burn during speed training is part of what it takes to run faster.

During speed training you will work on increasing your stride turnover, which is how quickly you increase the time it takes for your right foot to come back around.  Stride turnover is increased when an athlete concentrates on making quicker, short steps. You will also work on interval workouts, tempo runs and hill training. By varying the workout with different intervals, speeds and terrain you are employing proven tactics that will ultimately help you run faster races.


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