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Jump Training

Being able to jump high may be considered the most basic skill in basketball and volleyball, but it is also extremely necessary in other sports, such as football, rugby, soccer, diving and even baseball. Most athletes can benefit from being able to jump high. Some may be surprised to learn that being able to jump high is in fact a skill that one can train for and improve upon.

Jump training, as it is called, focuses on the strength and power from your upper body to your legs. To get a good spring, you need powerful muscles with muscle fibers that can shorten and stretch effectively. To increase your jumping height you need a strong upper body to offer support and provide you with the upward propulsion you’ll require.

Jump training is very similar to other areas of training. Warming up is always necessary to get your body physically prepared for any training. This could be in the form of light aerobic exercises such as jogging, walking or the use of stationary bikes. You want to slightly elevate your heart rate. You then want to do some light stretching on all your major muscle groups. Again, stretching is always important to prevent injury.

Jump training exercises include controlled movements such as squats, lunges, tuck jumps, box jumps and also power exercises that involve quick and forceful moves. These can be performed while using weights, but they needn’t be heavy. All these jumping and hopping skills will help with your strength and speed, which will increase your vertical jump.

If you are interested in improving your vertical or jumping abilities we are offering a free training session. Just submit your information below.

If you do not live in the greater chicagoland area and would like to improve your jumping abiities then please visit the jump manual for more information. It is a site dedicated in helping athletes jump higher.

To you best season yet.

Jim and the CORE1 crew


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