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Join the Elite

With the Olympics in full swing, there is a great deal of discussion about the various athletes’ mindsets, their triumphs and failures prior to the Games, and of course, their training regimens.

Training is as individual as each person, but there are a few commonalities between the routines of many of the world’s most elite athletes.

1. Most Olympic athletes train a minimum of 20 hours per week in their sport, at an intense level, for eight or more years. (Roughly 10,000 hours of focused work.)

2. Most use a tailored program of progressive resistance and overload when working in the gym.

3. The majority of elite athletes sleep 9 hours a night, which is an hour longer than the average sleep time of “regular” people.

For amateur athletes based in Illinois, custom sports enhancement training and strength training in Downers Grove, IL, can have you looking and feeling like a champion.

With hard work and dedication, maybe you’ll be standing on a podium in four years.


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