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It’s Not Just About The Abs

One common misconception that many people have is that core training is focused on generating ripped abs and a great cut. While this may be a bonus factor for good core training, it is not the actual goal. The truth is that the core refers to the entire midsection of the body, including the front, back, and sides. What is important about this area is not the way it looks, but the way it stabilizes your body and influences the power that you can exert in your extremities.

Thinking About Connections

It is also important to realize that along with stabilization, your core acts as a conduit for the energy that you push down into and up from the ground. Your core muscles are all connected to your legs, chest, and arms, which means that working on your core is actually working on your entire athletic performance.

At Core1Inc., we strive to teach young athletes that core training and strengthening exercises are integral to any sport. This means that improving your core can:

• Increase your jump

• Help you to run faster

• Allow you to lift more

• Aid you in maintaining balance after a tackle

• Let you stick your landing in gymnastics

• Keep your back safe through postural alignment in everyday activities

In essence, your core strength is the central point that allows you to be a better athlete.

This also means that our training program involves functional fitness exercises, so that all of the muscles in the core can receive a workout. The focus is not just on a bunch of sit ups, but also on the back and obliques, with a strong use of balance work so that students can really feel how these muscles work to stabilize the body. This increases body awareness and the understanding of connection for an improved and safer performance.

If you would like to enhance your athletic ability and begin to learn more about where the power in your body really comes from, then we encourage you to contact Core1Inc. and get started on a program. The results will not only help you become a better athlete, but will improve your physical wellness and overall stature.


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