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Focused Training Can Help Drive Your Performance Forward

How do you train?

Do you train with intention and focus?

Or do you train like many athletes and simply go through the motions?

There are different types of training and different reasons to train.

One of the most important elements of a training program is focus.

Focused training can help drive your performance forward.

What Is Focused Training?

Focused training means you’re working toward a specific goal or objective.

The goal may be basic like you want to increase your speed. It can also be more specific.

For example, you may want to drop a minute off of your mile pace.

Focused training goals can be based on strength, speed, agility and even on reducing risks.

Why Focused Training?

Focused training helps accomplish several goals.

At the most fundamental, a focused training program is a lot more effective than a general one.

You’re able to create a plan and strive to achieve success.

With each success you can modify your training program to achieve a new goal or objective.

A focused training program helps you drive your performance forward by making it easier to chip away at your goals and improve your skills and abilities step by step.

Focused training also helps build a habit of success.

With each new goal you achieve, you gain confidence.

Day by day, workout by workout, your confidence increases.

You become unstoppable…….a.k.a. BEAST MODE

Focused Training = Complete Training

At Core1, we believe that focused training is the best approach but we don’t just work on one area.

We believe you don’t get faster just by running sprints.

There are myriad exercises like strength training that can help you improve your speed as well.

At Core1 our trainers and physical therapists are able to watch you move and assess your unique strengths and weaknesses.

We then create a comprehensive training program to help you reach your personal goals.

Focused Training Means Better And Faster Results

You’ll feel your body change after just the first workout.

Your energy will go up a bit.

Your muscles will feel tighter, and more ready.

Your first workout and consultation is free.

After that you’ll begin to see immediate changes.

A Core1 training session will help you be toner, leaner, and stronger.

You’ll notice the difference and so will your coach and teammates.

Your confidence will soar, too.

If you’re interested in becoming the best athlete you can be, a focused training program is the answer.

Contact us and get started with a free session.

To your best season yet

Jim and The CORE1 Crew


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