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Effective Training Means Staying Injury-Free

Injuries can derail your season. In a split second you can go from performing at your best to being done for the year.

Even small injuries, if not properly treated, can quickly become chronic and lead to bigger and more devastating injuries.

The goal for most athletes is to stay injury free. Yet many are unaware that effective training is the key to preventing injuries. Injuries aren’t often a result of “freak accidents” but, rather, they’re more often the result of weak muscle groups, tendons, joints, and ligaments.

Effective training works to strengthen all areas of your body so you can push it to the limits; perform at your very best, and you don’t have to worry about injury.

Effective Training…

  1. Strengthens performance muscles

  2. Strengthens supporting muscles

  3. Teaches proper form

Unfortunately, it’s challenging to find an effective DIY training program.

Effective Training Programs are Designed Specifically for You, the Athlete

We customize your workouts very specifically. In fact, they’re custom-built for the position you play.

Every position in every sport uses different muscles and bone structures. An effective training program assesses which of your muscles and bones are being used the most and works to build those muscles up – and make them more limber and flexible.

When your supporting structures are strong, they can handle whatever you throw at them and the risk of injury is significantly reduced.

Additionally, an effective training program will look at your mechanics and your existing strengths and weaknesses. It will be designed to help you maximize your strengths, improve your mechanics, and strengthen your weak areas.

You just can’t find a predesigned training program in a store that takes your skills and strengths into consideration. Even the best coaches have several athletes to train. They just don’t have the time or the resources to create individualized training programs for each of their athletes.

So what’s the solution? How do you find an effective training program to prevent injuries?

The Core1Inc Athlete Training Difference

Every athlete that walks into our doors gets a custom, unique program designed just for him or her.

When you train at Core1, your workout will be customized for your physical level, size, sport, and even the position you play. We take a look at your mechanics. We listen to your goals and then our team of trainers puts together a training program designed specifically for you.

Build speed, build strength, build confidence and reduce the risk of injury with an effective training program designed specifically for you.

Submit your name, email and phone number to get started with a free training session.


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