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Crafting A Well Rounded Athlete

If you ever listen to a serious sports conversation, chances are that the athletes being talked about will usually fall into a certain category – one may be amazing at speed, one could have impeccable accuracy, and one may be as strong as a bull, for example. But while standout athletes are often known for their ability in a particular area of the game, the fact is that a well-rounded athlete is much more important to the team – and much more capable of performing at a higher level – than those who have only really excelled in one part of the game.

There are a few things that go into crafting a well-rounded athlete, but here at Core 1 Inc. we think that the first step is always understanding more about yourself and your sport. The reason is obvious. Different sports require different skill sets. While soccer players or basketball players need speed and huge levels of endurance, football players or baseball players rely more on power and quick bursts of activity. In short, different sports call for different areas to be focused on.

Once you have a solid idea as to just what areas you need to work on, the next step is to get started working on them. Areas that will need to be improved or maintained include:

• Strength • Endurance • Speed • Jump height or strength • Focus • Flexibility • And more

However, the tricky part isn’t understanding which areas you need to work on or even what exercises to use to work on them. Instead, the hardest part is taking the time to craft a fitness plan that allows you to work on them properly.

Rest is an important part of any fitness routine, as is balancing the different types of workout you place on a muscle group. For example, one type of exercise works on strength condition while another works on honing the endurance performance of them. You need to work each aspect properly, provide rest periods, and work on other areas while certain muscle groups rest.

It can be difficult to figure out the exact way to work out your body so that you build up all of the proper areas of fitness you need to excel, but a professional fitness expert can help tremendously. If you’re looking to maximize your potential, contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you and how we can give you the kind of well-rounded fitness levels you’re looking for.


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