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Core Training For Safety, Fewer Injures And Much More

Core training is an area of athletics that has finally begun to permeate down to the average individual who wants to look after their physiological health.

However, that does not mean that core training is any less important for serious Chicago athletes such as yourself.

Every athlete will benefit from superior core training.

This is true no matter what your sport is.

At Core 1 Inc, we are dedicated to the importance of core training and helping athletes to know how they can achieve their best game yet through better core strength.

Core strength can be developed through a wide variety of exercises and drills that engage the most central muscles of your body. Your core consists of the muscles that support and engage your trunk.

They also maintain the strength and shape of your back.

Although more and more people are realizing the importance of core strength, there is one aspect to it that they do not necessarily understand.

When people think of core strength, they often realize that it is important in terms of helping you remain balanced and light on your feet no matter what game you play.

This is true, and it is the reason why core strength can be a limiting factor in top performance.

CORE Training – Staying Injury Free

However, there is one other aspect to core strength that is very important, and that is safety.

At Core 1 Inc, we are always aiming to impart the best practices possible when it comes to maintaining the health of highly conditioned and highly trained Chicago athletes.

Core strength is definitely an important part of that continued maintenance.

A combination of stretching and core strength exercises will help you enormously in preparing your body for injury and thus reducing the incidence and long term effects of injuries that might otherwise take longer to recover from.

Your core is among the most important aspects of your body when it comes to maintaining balance and flexibility.

When you think of athletic injuries, realize that many of those injuries arise from situations where you have taken a hit “off balance.”

When your body tries to compensate for sudden force from an off balance position, injury results!

To catalyze all of the benefits of great core strength for your game, we invite you to get involved with Core 1 Inc.

We have the best training facilities, trainers, and physical therapy available in the Chicago area.

To A Injury Free Season

Jim and The CORE1 Crew.


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