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Complex Training in Downers Grove

An athlete gearing up for competition is most likely familiar with the term complex training. Just as the name indicates it is a combination of various methods of intense sports training. Using strength training with plyometric exercises, this advanced training stimulates an athlete’s nervous system and fast twitch muscle fibers at the same time for some explosive results!

There are two types of voluntary muscle fibers that will benefit from this type of workout – slow twitch and fast twitch muscles. Slow twitch muscles can contract for longer periods of time but offer little force. In contrast the fast twitch muscles contract quickly giving the athlete a lot of power. Fast twitch muscles tend to become fatigued more quickly. The slow twitch muscles can be “taught” to work like fast twitch muscles through the use of this complex sports training.

The strength exercises and plyometric exercises work hand in hand. The plyometric training stresses the muscle fibers that are triggered by strength training and this is when they can begin to work like fast twitch muscles  and improve their force development, which offers the athlete a lot of explosive power.


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