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Building Strength As A Way To Improve Overall Performance

Many young athletes get caught up in the idea that strength training is the same thing as body building. In truth, you can build your strength without bulking up, and this way of working out is actually preferable for a number of sports where speed is also a requirement. At Core1Inc., we can help young athletes in a variety of disciplines to build better strength without sacrificing speed or flexibility.

One of the ways that this can be accomplished is by helping to educate youths about how both flexion and extension have an impact on strength. While resistance training is one way to offer this knowledge, developing a better body awareness can also be key. This means that paying attention to the fullness of the exercise can lead to insights about how to properly build strength throughout the body.

Looking At Function

Functional fitness exercises are another way to safely build strength while still maintaining flexibility and range of motion. Many of these programs will combine moves, or use bodyweight workouts to show muscle connections and to set goals that are based on personal physical abilities. As a result, strength improvement comes as a full package, instead of just staying focused on a single muscle grouping.

Another point that we use in strength building is the importance of stretching. Just as both flexion and extension work different sides of the muscles to keep them balanced, stretching helps to lengthen the muscles, which can reduce plateaus in strength training. By combining different concepts, we are able to develop a program that is individualized, and specific to whatever sport you are involved with. As a result, strength training can improve performance for any athlete, since it is tailored to meet your needs.

If you would like to learn more about how the proper strength training can up your game, then feel free to contact Core1Inc., and talk to us about the type of program that fits you and your sport. We can work together to improve your fitness and athleticism, and help you achieve your greatest goals.


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