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Balance Training At My Age?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if you are young, middle age or elderly, balance training should be incorporated into whatever exercise regime you regularly practice.

Everyone understands about keeping their heart healthy and their muscles strong and flexible, but if your balance system is out of whack, it can have devastating effects. Your balance system encompasses all your senses. It tells your brain how you are moving, where you are moving and your position in space. Your brain then allows your muscles to control your movements accordingly.

The balance system needs regular practicing. Children are good at this because they seem to be always doing some form of balancing. Whether they are hopping on one foot or walking a straight line with their eyes closed. They may be games, but they are working their balance systems. Balance training exercises are really quite easy and just a little bit of practice goes a long way. A few minutes each day can really aid in strengthening your balance system.

If you do suffer from dizziness and weakness or pain in your extremities, balance training will help you move with confidence while giving you more energy, strength coordination and a better posture. Request that your trainer incorporate more balance training into your workouts for a long, healthy and more balanced life!


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