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Aches And Pains During Your Workout And How To Deal With Them

Pretty much anyone who is in the world of sports and athletics has heard the old saying ‘no pain, no gain’. But is that really true? Should you hurt when you work out, and if so, should you keep going or stop for a while? At Core 1 Inc. we have had plenty of experience with pain, gain, and everything that comes with them both. And we think that taking a quick minute to understand more about the subject should help you get past fears and learn how to manage the pains that can come with getting into shape.

First, you’ll need to understand that yes, indeed, certain pains will go hand in hand with getting in shape. During workouts it’s not uncommon for your lungs to burn or for your heart to pound, and even some muscle pain is very common. In most cases, you should consider this part of the process. However, in some instances you may find that you just can’t continue. If not, don’t. You should be able to learn more about your body and understand when it is being overworked. Burning lungs and sore legs are one thing, but feeling physically ill and thinking you’re about to pass out isn’t what you should be experiencing during any workout.

After your routine, it’s also common to experience sore muscles, ‘jelly legs’, and other similar experiences. This is part of the process as well, and most trainers will tell you that it’s important to give yourself a ‘rest day’ to allow your muscles to heal. This soreness is actually a sign that your body is improving – up to a point. Once again, injuries are far different from muscle aches caused by working out. You need to learn the difference between the two.

Finally, be sure to understand that outright injuries like sprains and pulled muscles aren’t good, and shouldn’t be ‘worked through’. Do stretching exercises to help prevent these from occurring, and if they occur be sure that you stop and consider whether or not you’ve been hurt and should take a break from your routine.

Improving your physical performance involves lots of work and effort. It’s not always comfortable, but you need to realize that there’s a difference between ‘good’ pain and ‘bad’ pain. Our trainers can help you. Contact us today to learn more about working out and how we can help you reach your goals.


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