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Overtake Your Opponent. No Matter How Fast, Tough, Or Tall.

Premier sports enhancement training is difficult thing to do. It hurts. We know that. You know that. It’s tough to get up early in the morning and commit to a workout that is going to make you burn. It’s hard to get up off that couch, from under that blanket and trek through the cold to the gym. Everything about working out every day is painful, from enduring the mental fatigue of routine to healing from that last ripping workout.

Some people might ask you, “Why do you do it?” They see you feeling that pain and fatigue and wonder what drives you. And you know the answer deep down inside of you. You want to tell them, but they probably wouldn’t understand.

Now you can tell them about all the benefits of hard workouts. You can tell them that it increases your strength so that you can move incredible amounts of weight. You can tell them that it develops power so that you can deliver that payload with fury. You can tell them how it makes you sleep better at night or how it alleviates stress.

You could even go so far as to enlighten them about the under-appreciated nuances of high level workouts. How developing muscles and power with high-level activity actually develops skills. Skill like proprioception, which is just a fancy word for body awareness. When you work out a group of muscles, you start to create a neuro-pathway. You actually start laying down a neural train track so that electric energy from your brain hits your muscles harder, faster and stronger. This makes your reflexes that much quicker. Your brain actually gets stronger, propelling you off the line faster so that you can take down your quickest opponent.

You could tell them that by training as hard as you do, you develop balance. Your body becomes much more aware of your body’s position in space. This makes it easier to get into power positions on the field, in the scrum, on the mound or in the paint. Your body learns how to balance itself, even in the most turbulent of circumstances. You will always be ready to take down an opponent that is stronger than you. You can simply do it with balance, proprioception and leverage.

You know all of those facts about high-level workouts. They have all been proven by science because muscular strength, proprioception and balance can all be measured. But what you really want to tell your friend is something that can’t be measured; that you gain something invaluable from sacrificing comfort for the temporary pain of physical exercise.

You learn to dig down deep. It starts slow. Perhaps there is a box jump you can’t do or a core exercise that makes you shake and falter. But over time you see yourself gaining. You accomplish little things, and those little things build up. Soon, you get excited to see what kind of progress you can make at the gym that day. The pride in that progress becomes all that matters and the pain is worth the pride.

You begin to dig deeper and deeper to squeeze more out of your potential. And let’s be honest. Not all of us will become professional athletes. But the true grit you learn from dedication is invaluable in every aspect of life. It gives you the confidence to take down any opponent; on the field or in any other aspect of life. It makes you walk tall knowing that you can handle anything, no matter how fast, tough or tall. That’s what you really want to tell them.

Unleash the Beast

Jim and the CORE1 Crew


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