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Why Does Conventional Jump Training Fall Short?

There are plenty of people out there searching for a jump training program near Naperville.

In fact, jump training is among the services that are most highly sought after in terms of athlete training.

Naturally, there must be some aspect of current jump training that is falling short.


There are many different aspects to a great jump training program.

In the best training program for jumping, the actual jump is only one part of the training that you receive. You also need to be sure that your body is completely conditioned and prepared for jumping.

While many sports include jumping, not many people actually take time out to make sure that they are doing the exercises that will make them functionally fit for jumping when they need to do it. This goes way beyond jump drills.

Jump Training – Balance Is “KEY”

One of the key aspects to jump training is balance. If you are not balanced, then you will not be able to jump effectively no matter what you do. The kind of balance that you use when you run, jog or sprint can be different from the balance used in running.

There is also an important mental aspect to any jump. You need to be able to coordinate in your mind and imagine the perfect jump that you need. Before the jump even begins, you need to take into account your position and do so in a split second.

Even if you are in the right place at the right moment, you should not follow through on a jump if you know that you are off balance. Developing the highly sensitive awareness of where you will be “in flight” is critical.

You also need to look at ways to build up your trunk and legs. Your legs provide the initial burst of power that you need to get off the ground, but remember that they do not do so alone.

Even the most powerful leap won’t get you the results you want in play if your arms are not ready to “snap” to and follow through your motion.

Because of all this, an excellent jump training program is actually a total body exercise that will require that many different aspects work in tandem together.

With this in mind, it is no surprise that many attempted jumping programs fall short. But Naperville athletes have the advantage of being able to use Core 1 Inc and its excellent trainers and facilities.

To “you” improving your Jumping Abilities

Jim and The CORE1 Crew


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