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The Basics Of Jump Training

When you’re working on core training and improving your overall level of performance in sports, a lot of different things may need to be considered in terms of your nutrition and your workouts. And while core training, strength training, and other similar types of workout routines are all worth considering, many athletes today should pay attention to jump training as well.

Jump training refers to the use of jump related exercises to increase vertical height during a jump. In general, it’s something that is primarily focused on by basketball or even volleyball players. And while there’s no question that those are the athletes who primarily need the benefits that jump training can provide, the fact is that here at Core 1 Inc. we have found that jump training can benefit almost any athlete, no matter what their sport may be. Even physical therapists that work with athletes have noticed that jump therapy may help in significant ways.

The first reason that jump training is worth paying attention to even if you think it isn’t is that it builds muscles in the legs and core that other workouts won’t. The act of jumping helps build strength in the muscles and influences muscle synergy as well. This creates a workout that helps provide a big boost to your legs, abdomen, and back.

Jump training not only helps provide a boost to strength, but the fact is that the majority of sports are going to involve jumping. From catching that wild pass in a football game to going for the header in soccer, jumping is a part of the game. Building your jumping ability will help out in ways you may not even notice at first.

We can help you improve your jumps, and also fully believe in employing jump training in most workout routines to help boost strength, endurance, and overall performance. If you want to move to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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