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Is It Really Possible To Improve Vertical Jump?

When you’re involved in certain sports, your vertical jump height is an important part of your performance. This is especially true when it comes to basketball, when a higher jump could mean the difference between a win and a loss. And while it’s fairly common knowledge as to just how to boost speed and endurance on the court, many people don’t realize that it’s very possible to improve vertical jump height if you know how. At Core 1 Inc., we’ve developed strategies that have made a big difference in the jump height of many athletes.

So how do you boost vertical jump? It really comes down to working the right muscle groups in the right way. Your jump height will depend largely upon your core strength and your leg muscle strength – leg strength most of all, obviously. As such, a few different exercises will help.

• Jumping Rope – This helps build calf muscle while also building overall endurance. By making small jumps without bending the knees, the muscles in the calves are improved tremendously.

• Squats – Squats can work most of the muscles in the legs, and taking the time to perform several different types of squats will help boost jump height.

• Tow Raises – Simply standing in place then rising up onto the tips of your toes will help as well. It may seem minimal, but in reality this lifts are doing a lot for your leg muscles.

• Jumps – Lateral jumps, alternating lunge jumps, high reach jumps, and tuck jumps are just a few of the different types of jumps that you should add to your workout regimen. The more you jump, the better your body becomes at it.

However, as with anything, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about boosting your jump with these exercises. You’ll need to focus on specific muscle groups, let them rest, work on others, and so on. Staying motivated, focused, and completing the right tasks can be difficult. A good trainer can help, and we have experience in boosting the vertical jump height of athletes for any sport. Contact us today to learn more about how to get started increasing that vertical jump.


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