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Mental Toughness: A Top Performing Trait From The Greeks To Today

Athletes in Naperville are aware of the fact that there are many different aspects to sports training.

While many of them are physical, some of the elements are purely mental.

You need to be able to develop true mental toughness in order to achieve the absolute best results that you can in any sport.

It’s no surprise, then, that the top trainers are involved in developing mental toughness training for sports.

The idea of mental toughness training for sports has a very long history.

In fact, it even goes back as far as ancient Greece. At that time, the basic bodyweight exercises that we know today were just being pioneered.

The ancient Greeks saw athletic competition as an extension of both their philosophy and their martial prowess.

In other words, athletics could be seen as a continuation of war, but it was also a way to exercise the mind.

In more recent times, people are becoming more and more aware of the ways in which mental toughness figures in to sports training.

Mental toughness does not always mean playing through an injury, although it can involve following through under difficult conditions.

Mental toughness means being able to withstand adversity, and there is no one who receives more training about this than a great athlete – especially a Naperville athlete.

How can you incorporate mental toughness training into what you do now?

Mental Toughness Training – Body and Mind

Mental toughness training is about building bridges between your body and your mind.

You should be attentive to the signals that your body sends you, but you should also be aware that pushing past your limitations is the key to success.

Back in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, scientists began to explore the interrelationship between mental toughness and physical performance in high performance situations and sports.

They wanted to understand what role the mind played in human performance.

What they learned was that it is possible for an athlete to prepare for a challenge, to become tougher, smarter, and meaner before the game even begins.

This is a combination of creative visualization and inner strength and discipline.

Unfortunately, not many coaches or trainers, even in Naperville, understand how to use this idea to its fullest extent yet.

To find out more about mental toughness and develop the fundamentals of a mental toughness training as part of your training efforts, you can find out more from the expert athlete training community at Core 1 Inc.


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