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The Real Strength From Within

When people talk about being strong, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A lot of people may answer that it is how much you can bench or squat, or even how many hits you can take on the field without going down. These points may be accurate when you are talking about physical strength, but do you know how this is different from real athletic strength?

The answer can be a combination of many factors, but they are all held together by the emotion of confidence. When you really believe in your own capabilities, then you can actually show those capabilities on the field. This is real athletic strength, and it is just as important to train your mind to do this, as it is to train your body to run faster or jump higher.

A Matter Of Attitude

Of course, a lot of student athletes can get caught up on thinking that confidence can also mean pride or egoism. At Core 1 Inc., we encounter a lot of people who have a hard time gaining confidence because they think it means that they are not being humble. This can be one of the first points that we address in our sports enhancement training, to help students uncover their true talents and succeed.

Having confidence and being humble can go together. This is because confidence really means:

• Believing in yourself

• Trusting your abilities

• Being focused on your own goals

• Being fearless

• Knowing that you are only in competition with yourself

• Taking responsibility

You may notice that all of these points actually come back to self image, and the attitude that you take about your own perception of self. This is the important difference between having confidence and being cocky. The aspect of taking responsibility is especially key to this difference.

Having the right attitude does mean that you can be gracious to others and humble about your actions. This is because the important part of your mindset is in looking at how well you can do in relation to yourself. Your real competition is not out on the field, but within.

The Confidence To Succeed

Whether you know it or not, your attitudes can be holding you back. Subconscious lessons and patterns can often kick in when it comes to clutch, and this can mean the difference between achieving your goals and feeling like you are just spinning your wheels. Did you know that many student athletes all short because deep down, they don’t think that they should succeed?

This also comes back the point about being humble. Too many people think that being humble means letting another person get all the glory. In reality, being humble means letting others have their own moment in the spotlight, while you also have yours. This is because taking responsibility doesn’t just mean owning up to when you have fallen short, but is also taking credit for what you do well.

At Core 1 Inc., we have helped many student athletes work through these mental attitudes to find the right focus for achieving goals. We look at motivation, subconscious views, and self image, and work on those factors that will help you to exhibit true strength. This process is a large part of our sports enhancement training, and it helps our clients to learn about what is really within them, so they can shine in competition.


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