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Getting Into The Mental Game

What Goes On In Your Mind?

Have you ever really thought about what is going on in your head, as you practice, or as you get ready for a big game? Are you focused on the plays you are making? Are you confident about your abilities? Are you visualizing what your body will be doing on the field? All of these points can play a large part in how you actually perform when you start working hard.

A good mindset is really more than just being focused. It can include having a positive attitude that will help you to push harder, and the confidence to get up again if you should get knocked down. Overcoming mental challenges can also extend to the type of focus you use when you are performing.

At Core1Inc., we worked with one client who was a great track and field star. However, he was finding that his way of focusing before an event was actually starting to trip him up. In truth, he was so focused in thinking about his performance that he would over think his actions. The result is that it was impacting his natural abilities, especially when he would start to second guess which leg to push off with when jumping hurdles.

Of course, this also started to affect his confidence as well as his performance, and that is where our sports enhancement trainings were able to give him a better mental state to keep excelling. With ongoing sessions, he was able to shift his focus to visualizing body movements before he got out on the track. Once he was actually on the oval, he had the confidence again to just work hard and win.

Mental focus and mindset can cover a range of challenges that youth athletes encounter. Core1Inc. is dedicated to enhancing sports performance through exercises that work both the body and the mind. If you think you could benefit from a better mental state for working out and playing your game, then contact us today and find a program that really works for you.


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