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How Working Out The Kinks Can Improve Your Form

There are two main points that we like to stress from the beginning, in order to help you to understand why stretching is so important to your game. The first has to do with how muscles and strength are built, since this is part of the aspect of enhancement. When you do weight training, you are essentially ripping the muscle fibers while you work out. Once you are done with your exercises, these fibers begin to heal back together, and this is part of what builds strength and bulk. The only problem is that as the body heals, it also shortens the muscle fibers. This can reduce your range of motion, but can also put a limit on how much more strength you can build. A regular stretching program helps to counteract both of these factors, and in turn, also improves you abilities to work harder.

Another big part of regular stretching is the fact that it increases circulation and aids in removing toxins, including lactic acid, from the body. Lactic acid is released when muscles are exerted, and is a part of the reason people feel sore after working out. When you keep up with regular stretching, you are also training your body to be more efficient at recovery, all the time.


, our goal is to help you improve your game. By contacting us, you can find out more about stretching and other programs that can help you to be a better athlete. You may be surprised to discover just how much potential your body still has to offer.


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