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What To Expect From Physical Therapy

Whether it’s from an injury sustained in an accident, a sports injury, or some other issue, sports related physical therapy in Downers Grove is generally designed to get athletes back into top condition. When you’re injured, recovery can be frustrating and challenging. Knowing just what to expect from it will help you prepare yourself mentally for it.

First, that ‘mental’ aspect is worth focusing on for a second. Your overall mindset going into physical therapy will have a tremendous impact on your overall results. It’s easy to get frustrated and even feel discouraged, but it’s important that you focus on your goals and on the end result, not whether or not your progress is going slower than you had imagined it would. Your physical therapist can help you tremendously with this, and help guide you through the process of recovering from sports injuries.

Minor sports injuries aren’t as frustrating, but still have challenges. Things like sprains, ACL injuries, ligament injuries, and even broken bones can take time to recover from. You’ll need to expect to spend your days gradually working back up to top level. It will usually begin with small things, often just something as simple as stretching exercises done several times over.

Eventually, you’ll progress to more intense workouts and physical therapy sessions until finally you’re back up to full strength again. At this point, your therapist will likely spend some time helping you understand ways to prevent injuries. Things like core training, stretching, and more can all help prevent sports injuries from happening. It’s a good idea to listen to what your trainer has to say throughout the process and following your recovery. That way you’ll be better able to get the best results possible and prevent further injuries.

Physical therapy for athletes is something that nobody wants to deal with, but that can help you get back into the game quickly. It’s worth understanding just what to expect from it so you know what’s coming. At Core 1 Inc. we work to educate our clients on preventing injuries as well as on helping them recover from the injuries they’ve already dealt with.

If you need help moving past an injury and working your way back into the game, we can help. Contact us today to see how.


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