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What Really Makes You Strong?

Many athletes have a focus on weight training that goes along with other drills and exercises that help to gain better fitness and ability in their sport. Getting strong can be a key factor for better performance in everything from running to swimming, but a lot of people also forget that too much weight training can actually shorten the muscle fibers. This will not only limit the range of motion that you have, but it can also affect how quickly you will plateau.

A Question Of Physics

One of the easiest ways to understand how this happens is to think of your muscles as levers. The longer the lever, the easier of a time it will have in lifting greater weight with less exertion. A shorter lever may still be able to lift the same weight, but you will need to put out a greater force in order to do so. So what does this mean when it comes to getting stronger for better performance in your sport?

At Core1Inc., one of the sports enhancement trainings that we really focus on is stretching. Most athletes think about stretches for warm-ups and cool-downs, and as a necessary practice to prevent injury. However, when you stretch out, you are actually giving yourself the ability to build better strength. This is because you are lengthening your muscles, which means that you will be able to produce more force with less effort.

Daily Practices

Having a day of training which is entirely devoted to stretching can really boost your ability to stay agile and to build better strength. This is because while you are focused on lengthening your muscles, you are also giving them a chance to recuperate and to learn how to move in different ways. The result is that you will have a better range of motion, less chance of injury, but will also be able to lift more without having to strain.

At Core1Inc., we can help you gain this winning edge with our sports enhancement program that teaches you about the necessities of stretching. Along with a practice that is engaged in before and after working out, we also help to show athletes different routines that they can do on off days. This will let you have a better performance in practice and in games, and will also offer you the chance to really see how capable your body is.


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