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Speed Camps

Athletes need to be strong and agile with a mental mindset that is unparalleled. To be a top athlete takes training in many areas. Strength and endurance are just the tip of the iceberg.

Much like balance training and jump training, athletes need to practice speed training. They need speed to win. Many great coaches understand this and try to incorporate speed training in their practices. However, many athletes want extra help in their training where the focus is all on speed. This is where speed camps come in. They are fun, fast and offer expertise in all the techniques of speed training.

If you are competing at upper levels in your sport then you understand what speed means. Often, the faster a player, the better the player. Speed camps offer the right speed, agility and acceleration techniques along with cutting edge principles, drills and exercises specifically designed to improve an athlete’s speed performance.

Developing super fast muscle fiber in the key muscle groups that are needed for speed and quickness is also part of the education process. They offer resistant speed training, which includes working out with weighted vests, and also sand sprinting and uphill running to increase time. Speed camps will also help you gain an understanding about why your current techniques are not working for you and may actually be working against you. If improving your speed will vastly improve your game, considering a speed camp will definitely be in your best interest.


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