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When Is It The Right Time To Use Heat For A Sports Injury?

Have you recently been injured while playing your favorite sport?

If so, sports physical therapy in Downers Grove could be the fastest and the easiest way for you to recover.

Using the right kind of equipment and methods in your recovery makes all the difference!

Even so, though, you want to make sure you make the right moves for first aid …

First aid is tremendously important in dealing with any sports injury. That means:

– What you do in the first HOUR;


– What you do in the first 48 hours.

Sports Physical Therapy – Heat or Ice First?

In the first hour after any sports injury, it’s not a good time to use heat.

Heat causes blood vessels to expand, which means that you’ll be in a situation where swelling gets worse rather than better.

Swelling might be useful as part of the body’s natural responses, but it’s often more trouble than it is worth for the athletes affected by it.

To keep swelling from going berserk, use an ice pack.

In the first hour, you want to be sure that you are resting, protecting, and elevating the injured area. Use ice as soon as you can and keep up the ice therapy for twenty minutes or so either every hour or every other hour.

At a certain point, though, some injuries do call for heat therapy.

When you respond with ice in the first few days of an injury, you are working to dull the pain and to make sure that your overall swelling is not out of line.

Too much swelling is associated with elongated recovery times.

You should consult an expert in sports physical therapy in Downers Grove if you are concerned that your injury is not healing or if ice therapy doesn’t seem to be helping.

As the healing process continues, it is a good idea in most cases to seek out low impact exercise that keeps weight off the injured area but allows it to stay active.

This is around the time when you will want to look at heat as part of your physical therapy.

When you apply heat to an area, the blood vessels expand and this leads to increased blood flow.

Under certain circumstances, this can counteract some of the negative effects of having to leave the injured area idle.

The best athletic recovery is achieved by using sports physical therapy in Downers Grove.

Reach out to Core 1 Inc for personalized, expert assistance.

To Getting You “Healed” Quickly

Jim and Te CORE1 Crew


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