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What is a Pulled Groin?

The muscle that connects the bones of the legs and the pelvis is called the groin. If you’ve overstretched this muscle during a game or practice or even during conditioning you may have a pulled groin.

If you notice there is swelling accompanied by a sharp pain in your groin or the adductor muscles on the inner thigh and if you  are having problems bringing your legs together, you most likely have a pulled groin muscle.

Your physical therapist from a select physical therapy in Downer’s Grove should be consulted to give proper diagnosis. It is possible that you may have something more serious than a pulled groin muscle, you may have a hernia or a fracture. Our therapists can offer a personalized rehabilitation program that includes ultrasound, stretching and massage to help you recover more quickly, get rid of the pain and swelling and get you back in the game.

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