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Rash of Oblique Injuries Underscores the Importance of a Well-Balanced Training Regimen

A recent Wall Street Journal sports article examined the alarming rise of oblique injuries among New York Yankee players and whether its training regime was to blame.

Obliques are a band of muscles that connect to the pelvis and enables hip rotation and can plague athletes of all ages or sports.

Theories abound as to what caused the specific outbreak among this one team. Some doctors argued that in the off-season, the players created muscle imbalance where their upper abdominal and back muscles became more developed than lower muscles.

This imbalance, coupled by the explosive rotation required by throwing a pitch or swinging the bat, effectively damages the obliques. And while warm weather generally minimizes risk of oblique injury, players became sidelined during Spring Training in sunny, humid Florida.

Ultimately, this article underscores the importance of a reputable and experienced athletic training program. Our core strengthening and strength and balance training programs effectively blend strength with agility and ensure that your reach your maximum athletic potential.


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