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How To Avoid Sports Physical Therapy

America is a nation that loves sports, and with good reason. The thrill, challenge, excitement, and joy that can come from competition is hard to match anywhere outside of the sports world. But while it’s filled with reward, any sport can also come with challenges. And among those challenges, injuries are one of the biggest issues any athlete can face.

At Core 1 Inc., we believe it’s important to know more about just what sports physical therapy in Downers Grove is and how it can help you recover from an injury, it’s also important learn how to avoid the need to see a physical therapist at all. An injury can set your progress back, prevent you from competing, and much more. As such, keeping a few things in mind can help. While nothing can prevent some accidents from occurring, there are steps you can take during your training that may be able to help you stay out of the physical therapy room.

The following training tips are worth remembering:

• Stretching is important whether you’re just doing some light exercise or about to begin the big game. Make sure to take all the time you need to adequately stretch all of your muscles. If you have a trainer on hand, they’ll help make sure you stretch properly. If not, be sure to work out all the major muscle groups.

• While it’s important to push yourself to the limit, especially during a competition, try not to do so much that you end up hurting yourself severely. Know your body’s limits, push it to those limits, but be mindful of the risks associated with overexertion.

• The type of training you do throughout each workout will help, too. Things like building core strength, basic strength training, and more will all help you prevent further injuries from occurring. Strength training can help out in more ways than many realize.

These three training tips aren’t magic bullets that will stop all injuries from occurring. But keeping them in mind could help reduce the odds of suffering injuries that could lead you to need physical therapy. Accidents happen, but cutting your odds of injury down is well worth doing.

To get started training the right way and avoid those injuries, don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started on your own workout.


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