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Explosive Movements and Their Corresponding Injuries

A ruptured hamstring can be a painful injury to an athlete and one that takes weeks in which to recover. Athletes are constantly generating explosive movements during practices and in games and with this overuse an athlete, if not careful, can easily face a ruptured hamstring.

If an athlete experiences a sudden onset of intense pain in the back of the knee accompanied by swelling, tenderness and pain when they bend their knee chances are they have ruptured their hamstring. Like many tendon injuries they will need to apply the RICE therapy (rest, ice, compression and elevation).

The athlete needs to discontinue any type of sports training immediately. A sports physical therapist in Downers Grove should be seen as soon as the swelling goes down to advise them on what rehabilitation exercises are going to work best for a fast recovery. They will also be provided with strengthening exercises to help the muscles, which surround and support the tendon. These exercises should continue even after it is determined the tendon is healed.


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